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Start Your Patients on SPRAVATO® | SPRAVATO® (esketamine) HCP

Refer a Patient

Below, find resources and information on the 3 steps to start your appropriate patients on SPRAVATO® at a REMS-certified treatment center.

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Chart with steps 1-3 to start appropriate patients on SPRAVATO® treatment

Locate a treatment center with your patient and help set expectations for SPRAVATO®, including its side effects

Find a Center button
Chart with steps 1-3 to start appropriate patients on SPRAVATO® treatment

Establish relationship with treatment center

  • Call the treatment center to find out if they accept your patient’s insurance and if they have a referral form or process you can utilize
  • If they do not have a referral form, use the SPRAVATO® Referral Form
Chart with steps 1-3 to start appropriate patients on SPRAVATO® treatment

Continue overall mental health care and follow-up with your patient

SPRAVATO® Referral Guide

Download the full referral guide for more information on referring your patient to a SPRAVATO® REMS-certified treatment center.

Download the full referral guide

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SPRAVATO® Referral Form

Download the Patient Referral Form for SPRAVATO® treatment to enable communication between referring physician, treatment center, and patient.

Download form

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Find a Treatment Center

Locate a certified SPRAVATO® treatment center

Calling and providing patient information to the treatment center ahead of time may help ensure timely coordination of care and a more seamless experience for your appropriate patients. Once you’ve decided SPRAVATO® may be an option for your adult patients with TRD, help them locate a certified SPRAVATO® treatment center.

Become a Treatment Center

Becoming a REMS-certified SPRAVATO® treatment center

Learn more from physicians currently treating adult patients with TRD in certified treatment centers.

These healthcare providers have been compensated by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., for their participation in the video.

For practices interested in becoming a certified SPRAVATO® treatment center, consider the following:

  • Treatment centers must comply with full SPRAVATO® REMS requirements. For full REMS requirements, visit or call 855-382-6022
  • SPRAVATO® is a Schedule III controlled substance
    • Treatment center protocols should be followed for handling Schedule III products in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations
  • SPRAVATO® treatment requires the ability and capacity for scheduling frequent appointments
  • SPRAVATO® treatment requires staff and equipment to provide appropriate patient monitoring
REMS=SPRAVATO® Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy.
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