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Janssen CarePath can help make it simple for you to help your patients

Your one source for Access, Affordability, and Treatment Support for your patients

Access support to help navigate payer processes

Janssen CarePath helps verify insurance coverage for your patients taking SPRAVATO® and provides reimbursement information.

Affordability support to help your patients start and stay on the treatment you prescribe

Janssen CarePath can help you find out what affordability assistance may be available for your patients taking SPRAVATO®.

Janssen CarePath Savings Program

Eligible commercially insured patients pay $10 per treatment for SPRAVATO® medication costs.*

Treatment support to help your patients get informed and stay on prescribed Janssen treatment

Janssen CarePath provides additional support to your patients, including patient education, web-based resources, and assistance finding a location that offers SPRAVATO® treatment.

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Clinical resources

Dosing & Administration Resource

A helpful resource to learn how SPRAVATO® is dosed and delivered.

Access resources

Access and Reimbursement Guide

Information about coverage, coding, and the overall reimbursement process for SPRAVATO®

Exceptions and Appeals Guide

Information for your certified SPRAVATO® treatment center, to help understand patients’ individual reimbursement scenarios

Pharmacy vs Medical Benefit Guide

Information for your certified SPRAVATO® treatment center, to help understand patients’ individual reimbursement scenarios

Frequently asked questions

SPRAVATO® (esketamine) is the s-enantiomer of racemic ketamine. There are no head-to-head studies comparing esketamine and ketamine infusion. SPRAVATO® (esketamine) is delivered in a nasal spray form and ketamine is delivered intravenously.

There are no samples of SPRAVATO® available—in accordance with federal guidelines, which prohibit the distribution of samples of class III medications.

SPRAVATO® has a controlled distribution network that ensures SPRAVATO® is distributed only to certified healthcare settings and certified pharmacies. SPRAVATO® is not to be delivered directly to patients.

REMS-certified pharmacies follow standard acquisition protocols via full-line wholesalers and dispense SPRAVATO® to REMS-certified treatment centers.

REMS-certified healthcare centers can purchase SPRAVATO® directly from specialty distributors.

For a list of full-line wholesalers or specialty distributors and other downloadable resources, visit and click on “Resources and Tools.”

To learn more about REMS certification, visit or call 855-382-6022.

SPRAVATO® should be administered in conjunction with an oral antidepressant (AD). The new open-label oral AD initiated during Study 1 (short-term) was an SSRI in 32% of patients and an SNRI in 68% of patients.

The cost of SPRAVATO® to your patients is dependent on their insurance plan. Janssen CarePath offers access and affordability options for your patients, depending on their plan.

SPRAVATO® is only administered in a medically supervised healthcare setting that is certified under the SPRAVATO® REMS. SPRAVATO® is not to be delivered directly to patients.

SPRAVATO® is a nasal spray that is administered under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Certified SPRAVATO® treatment centers need to provide the infrastructure and operational support to prepare and monitor patients during self-administration and prior to release from the treatment center.

If you are interested in establishing your practice as a treatment center for SPRAVATO®, you must enroll in the SPRAVATO® REMS and become certified.

To learn more about REMS certification, visit or call 855-382-6022.

To find a certified SPRAVATO® treatment center, you or your patients may visit

If a patient misses treatment sessions, and depression symptoms worsen, consider returning your patient to their previous dosing schedule (ie, every 2 weeks to once weekly, once or twice per week), per clinical judgment.

No, under the REMS, SPRAVATO® must be administered in a certified healthcare setting. Due to the possibility of delayed or prolonged sedation or dissociation in some cases, patients should be monitored by a healthcare professional for at least 2 hours following each treatment session, or until the clinician determines the patient is safe to leave. 

Caution patients that SPRAVATO® may impair their ability to drive or operate machinery. Instruct patients not to engage in potentially hazardous activities requiring complete mental alertness and motor coordination, such as driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery, until the next day after a restful sleep.


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