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Managing Treatment Center Operations | SPRAVATO® (esketamine) HCP

Managing REMS-Certified SPRAVATO®Treatment Center Operations

Learn more about the factors that may impact how you operationalize your treatment center.

Treatment Center Space, Staffing, and Scheduling

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    Understand the treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and major depressive disorder with suicidal ideation (MDSI) patient populations in your community and how many appropriate patients you anticipate seeing weekly in your treatment center

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    Review the SPRAVATO® dosing frequency when evaluating space requirements, staffing, and scheduling

  • Learn more about dosing for patients with TRD and MDSI

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    Consider which room or designated area in your treatment center can be used as a dedicated space for patients taking SPRAVATO®, including a treatment chair where a patient can comfortably sit during the
    2-hour monitoring period

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    Because SPRAVATO® is a Schedule III controlled substance, your treatment center will be required to store the product appropriately. Ensure that SPRAVATO® is kept in a secure place per state and federal regulations. Product dispensed for a specific patient must be administered within 14 days after receipt by the treatment center

Examples of how a SPRAVATO® treatment space may be set up

Multiple treatment chairs in a shared space

Multiple chairs for patients in a shared treatment space

Single treatment chair in a dedicated space

Single chair for patients in a dedicated treatment space

For illustrative purposes only. Not intended to represent a promise, guarantee, or legal advice by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., about practice efficiencies.

REMS=Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy.